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Norman Fassler-Katz honored with 5th Annual Gary L. Gregory Lifetime Achievement Award


The California Maritime Leadership Symposium Executive Committee has announced the selection of Norman Fassler-Katz as the recipient of the 5th Annual Gary L. Gregory Lifetime Achievement Award.  Mr. Fassler Katz will be honored during a special reception held on February 24th, 2015 in the California State Capitol Rotunda for attendees of the 2015 California Maritime Leadership Symposium.

Each year the Symposium Executive Committee recognizes an individual who has exemplified a strong commitment to California’s maritime transportation industry throughout the course of a distinguished career. As the Founder and Executive Director of the California Marine and Intermodal Transportation System Advisory Council (CALMITSAC), Mr. Fassler-Katz’s counsel and administrative management has enabled California’s regional effort to be the acknowledged  "jewel" within the national framework...Read More

Take Advantage of Export Effort, States Urged

The Obama administration, as part of its effort to double U.S. exports, is investing millions or dollars in the maritime and intermodel freight transportation industries, a top Maritime Administration executive said.  

Paul "Chip" Jaenichen, deputy maritime administrator, told the California Maritime Symposium in Sacramento Wednesday that state and local agencies must join this effort if they want their regions to benefit from the federal government's programs...Read more.

California Eyes Freight Plan to Bolster Competitive Position

The state of California has had it with East Coast and Canadian ports poaching its cargo, and a proposed bill in the state Legislature will tackle this problem by developing a state freight plan to invest in port, highway and rail infrastructure....Read more